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Creating DCI compliant Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) is our signature business

DCP creation is the final step in Film Production for the delivery of a digital, high-resolution master for distribution to Digital Cinema screens. Indie DCP helps Independent Filmmakers showcase their projects in this encrypted state-of-the-art file-based format. We know the technological & financial challenges faced by today's independent producers, directors & cinematographers - Indie DCP addresses these challenges by offering the highest-quality professional products, services & customer care... all at affordable prices.


At Indie DCP we believe that the best tools produce the best results.

indie DCP uses the best-of-breed DVS CLIPSTER workstation for DCP creation. The DVS CLIPSTER workstation is the system of choice for the Entertainment Industry's most prestigious Film Studios & Mastering Facilities. It performs all the necessary DCI functions including KDM encryption & QC, that are involved in DCI compliant DCP creation.

Customer Service & Support

Indie DCP is committed to providing clients with outstanding customer care & support.

Our staff is comprised of experienced industry professionals who understand the unique nature of the Film Production/Post Production business and recognize the importance of responsive, personalized service.

Indie DCP offers 24/7 customer service and support.

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